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Surprise Under 120 Calories Box & Children’s Haribo Snack Box Bundle

£13.55 £11.50

Save 15% when you buy the surprise under 120 calorie box and a children’s Haribo snack box.

*Discount codes are not available on bundles or sale products*

The surprise under 120 calories box will contain 20 different items in a random mix of sweets, biscuits, chocolate bars, cakes and cereal bars all 120 calories and under.

The children’s Haribo snack box is filled with 11 Haribo products.

*Any new products we find will be added to the surprise box*

If there is anything you don’t want in the box please make a note at checkout.

Stickers with SW diet values on the back of each item can be included please select below (not available on the children’s  box).

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